Program Guidelines


These guidelines are intended as a starting point for people and organizations wishing to submit projects and proposals to A Possible Jersey for financial and other support. They are subject to revision, so before submitting your ideas or proposals please review them for any recent changes. The current version (below) was last updated on Saturday, April 30, 2016.


A Possible New Jersey (also known as “A Possible Jersey” or just “Possible Jersey” [See “Which Is It, Really?“]) is a program of the Center for Regenerative Solutions (CRCS), a way of giving concrete expression, in the words of Charles Eisenstein, to “the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.” It’s about the re-greening of the Garden State – the regeneration of its soils, its people, its image, and more. Activists and community leaders are invited to submit applications for grants and/or loans in an alternative currency — Commons Credits, also known locally as JerseyBucks™ — for projects that explore, discover, invent, and implement community solutions that demonstrate an alternative possible future for the state.

By way of background to the guidelines themselves, it’s worth explaining

  • The purpose of the Possible Jersey program
  • The nature of the “complementary currency” we’re using, and
  • The kinds of projects and initiatives we’re looking for

The purpose of the program is to explore alternative possibilities for New Jersey’s future — alternative, that is, to the current “business as usual.” A majority of us are now beginning to recognize that creating a sustainable future — never mind one that is economically thriving, socially just, and culturally creative —



Nonprofit Organizations