2017 Programs

At the beginning of 2017, we posted this as our CRCSolutions.org web site: CRCS will be moving in several new directions this year, which we think will be of interest to a wider audience than just those of us interested in financing clean energy. We've been focusing more on communities in the past year, and on the values and vision that led to our mission, to assist local communities and neighborhoods to become more resilient in the face of the widening impacts of a changing climate. We are [Read more...]

Creating a New Kind of Community

What we're up to is, essentially, creating a new kind and level of community. To begin with, we are talking about building new cohousing communities — an innovation in the region, neighborhoods that are built to engage and to facilitate interaction. This is, in the age of the mass society, a radical concept in itself: eco-communities in which people actually get to know each other and become part of each others' lives. More broadly, however, we're seeking to engage entire existing [Read more...]